Design: Serana Angelista

The Queer Baseline publication will be an open access collection of contributions following from research conducted by members of queer communities on contemporary Dutch museum culture. The purpose of this project is not to merely to catalogue how the Dutch museum sector features or excludes queer of colour perspectives, but also to activate museum culture to underscore social justice and intersectionality. The Queer Baseline project is foremost a platform for collective and individual voices to present a collaboration of visions and demands for cultural institutions in the Netherlands. 

We invite QPOC activists, artists, creatives and museum professionals to contribute to the Queer Baseline project with the following:  

1. a chapter that reflects on the contributor’s experience with one of the following six layers of the cultural sector, as inspired by the Code Diversiteit & Inclusie 

Public – the audience of the institution  

Partners – partners of the institution  

Personnel – the staff of the institution  

Programming – the public program – events, etc – the institution offers  

Collection – STUDIO i has added this layer to encourage institutions to consider the diversity and inclusivity of their collections and acquisition policies 

Personal – STUDIO i has added this layer to emphasize that individuals should personally take responsibility for inclusion and accessibility at their institutions 

2. a research question for one of the participating institutions about the same layer/P, to be answered in digital collaboration (Skype, Zoom, etc) with a Queer Baseline partner of the institutions: 

Van Abbemuseum
Amsterdam Museum
Imagine IC
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 

We encourage submissions of all forms as long as they can be accommodated by the 2D final publication: essays, interviews, op-eds but also poetry, illustration and graphic design are very welcome. We invite you to submit your research question alongside an abstract of no more than 200 words, as well as a short CV or biographyWe offer a compensation of 350 euro excl. BTW per contribution, please note that a KVK number is required.  

We are accepting submissions until the deadline of 20 May 2020
Submissions and questions can be sent to  

The Queer Baseline project builds on the work of the Queering the Collections network.