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  • STUDIO i is an initiative of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Van Abbemuseum. These two museums have acknowledges that like many other cultural institutions, they are not fully accessible or inclusive, and they wish to join forces with others to change that situation.

    Together with the other creative industries and partners with specialist knowledge, they are seeking to make the cultural sector more inclusive.

    Watch our animation about the reasons for an inclusive cultural sector.

    The project was organized from 2017 until 2020, and is now finished.

  • STUDIO i aims to give a lasting impulse to accessibility and inclusion by gathering and sharing knowledge, by informing, inspiring and connecting people. Both project museums do this by organising experimental projects/sub-projects, in addition to courses and information sessions (since the project is finished in 2020, STUDIO i no longer organizes courses and sessions). It would also like to share inclusive initiatives across the sector. On this website you can find inspiring cases, tools and other great examples.

  • STUDIO i is happy to share inclusive initiatives with the sector on this website. Are you proud of your organisation and inclusive projects, programmes and/or diverse HR policy? If so, find out more here.

  • STUDIO i would like to offer guidance in the process that many cultural institutions want to get involved in, and help create a more inclusive cultural sector.

    We do not presume to know everything there is to know on the subject. The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven are both in the midst of a process of inclusion. That is why we are collaborating with the sector and with partners who possess specialist knowledge and experience.

    Our partners.

  • In the past, both of these project museums have collaborated on accessibility initiatives for a range of new target audiences: Unforgettable Museum and Special Guests. The Stedelijk Museum and the Van Abbemuseum are now reaching out with STUDIO i to take the next step towards creating more inclusive organisations.

    To name one example, the Stedelijk Museum has launched an Inclusion and Accessibility Council made up of employees to issue advice to the Management. The Van Abbemuseum also works with community constituents from its immediate surroundings in Eindhoven.

  • Since the project of STUDIO i is finished, it is no longer possible to email STUDIO i regarding work experience and research requests. We advize you to contact the education departments of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Van Abbemuseum.